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Offset your carbon footprint now: Save the earth

carbon_logo.jpgDo you feel guilty  about contributing to Global Warming every time you drive you car or by other means ? Don’t worry there are ways to offset carbon emmision contributed to global warming( 10 simple things to stop global warming ).  India’s only carbon emissions news and information portal carbonyatra.com has launched India’s first carbon footprint calculator.

The carbon calculator at its website allows people to calculate carbon dioxide emissions in very simple ways from their use of home energy, cars, bikes, buses, trains and air travel. The emission factors used in the calculator are based on the stringent UK DEFRA standards.

Carbon offsetting is the act of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by various ways, such as planting trees as compensation.

Melting Arctic Ice Images – Effect of Global Warming

Walrus sitting on melting ice          Arctic ice       Arctic island      Ice melt faster than expected

Once people calculate their emissions, they have the option to offset the same (per ton of CO2) by purchasing carbon offsets through renewable and carbon reducing projects listed on the portal. As an initial project, offsets would be purchased from Jatropha plantations in the state of Uttaranchal.


Most carbon offsets were commonly done by planting trees.

Carbon offset is not that easy and cheap… but you can make difference
If your family drives two medium-sized petrol cars and uses approximately 850kWh of electricity a month, will have to spend Rs5,500 to offset their carbon emissions for a year.

Take Action, here are 10 simple things you can do and how much carbon dioxide you’ll save doing them to help stop Global Warming.

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