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Dharavi: Soon a Slum of No More!

dharaviAsia’s largest slum, Dharavi, is spread over an area of 1.75 kms along the Mahim River in central Mumbai. Now Indian government agency is evaluating bids submitted by developers across the world for the Dharavi rehabilitation, to build housing and social infrastructure to resettle the slum’s residents.

– Rents are as low as 185 rupees per month in Dharavi.
– Many residents are having small colour television with a cable.
– Dharavi has a large number of thriving small-scale industries that produce embroidered garments, export quality leather goods, pottery and plastic.
– The annual turnover of business in Dharavi slum is estimated to be more than 2700 crores per a year.

Soon a Slum of No More?

For the Dharavi rehabilitation around 78 companies around the world have filed preliminary bids. The project’s total cost is estimated at Rs. 9,250 crore, covering housing, civic infrastructure and amenities. It will be distributed across five contracts valued at between Rs. 1,000 crore and Rs. 2,500 crore each.

By early December bidders will be announced and ground should be broken by January 2008.

dharavimumbai1.jpg   dharavi skyline 

Sooner we will see Dharavi a Slum of No More…..

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