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Salman Khan goes to Hollywood

salmanmarigold.jpg‘Marigold’ is Salman Khan first English-language film. Briefly, ‘Marigold’ is a romantic musical comedy about an American actress who gets stranded in Mumbai and lands a minor role in a Bollywood musical and meets Salman, the film’s choreographer. She then undergoes a personal transformation as she experiences Bollywood firsthand. As you do.

Marigold was my way of bridging the gap between Indian and American cinema, US film-maker Willard Carrollsaid at a special preview of the film at the IIFA weekend in Amsterdam.

For Salman, the English dialogues posed a bit of a problem. We do speak English in real life, but to do that consistently in front of the camera was challenging. Then, it was all sync-sound, said Salman.


Marigold: An Adventure in India Stars: Salman Khan, Ali Larter, Nandana Sen, Helen, Suchitra Pilla and is directed by: Willard Carroll

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