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Pretty lady …Vidya Balan can’t cook!

vidya_balan.jpgStardust Superstar of Tomorrow Award” winner Vidya Balan can’t cook!. No kidding ..it is true.. In an interview she said, I am a pucca foodie. However, when it comes to cooking, I am a disaster.

I can roll roti but can’t cook it

I can’t cook to save my life. I can roll roti but can’t cook it. I make Maggi, sandwiches, tea and coffee. My sister often says that the easiest way to kill someone is by offering them coffee made by me. No one at home has coffee prepared by me. If my father comes back from office, tired, and I volunteer to make coffee for him, his instant rejoinder is: “No, no I am okay.”


Now you know, that I have a reputation when it comes to cooking,” laughs the pretty lady.




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