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K 15 Missile: India Successfully tests submarine-based Nuclear capable missile


India successfully tesed a submarine-launched missile K-15 (earlier called as Sagarika) which can carry a nuclear warhead from an undersea location off the Orissa coast, a move that boosts the country’s deterrence capabilities.

India, already capable of launching missiles from land and air, now moves a step closer to firing them from under the sea. With this test firing India is preparing to join select group of countries having this expertise. The countries already having this expertise are: U.S, Russia, France,U.K. and China.

The K-15 missile is developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). According to Indian navy , nuclear submarine is expected to be be ready for sea trials by 2009.

Powered by a turbojet, the missile can carry a 500-kg payload. It is 8.5 metres long and about a metre in diameter.

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