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India GDP and Economic at a Glance

According to Global Investing firm Goldman Sachs report ‘The Path to 2050’ , India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. No doubt India dominates in Software ,Diamond and Textile Exports. India’s GDP Real Growth rate stood at 9.1 % for the month of Jan-March 2007.

Here is the India GDP and Economic at a Glance

GDP Real Growth Rate: 9.1 % (January-March 2007)

GDP by sector: Services 55.1%, Agriculture 18.5%, and Industry 26.4%

Forex Reserves: $225.350 billion

Exports: US$ 34303.50 million (April 2006-June 2007, Prov.)

Imports: US$ 54908.83 million (April 2006-June 2007, Prov.)

Top Investing Countries: Mauritius, the USA, UK, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Singapore, France, south Korea, Switzerland

Top Sectors Attracting highest FDI inflows: Electrical equipments, services sector (financial and non financial), telecommunications, transportation industry, fuels, chemicals, construction activities, drugs and pharmaceuticals, food processing, cement and gypsum products.

Reference: FICCI

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