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What to Buy, an Inkjet Printer or a Laser Printer?

Between an Inkjet printer and laser printer, which one is the best?

An Inkjet printer is a type of printer that sprays quick-drying ink droplets onto a paper surface to generate characters and images. Laser printer uses laser beam to print out letter-quality digital files. An Inkjet printer is less expensive than a laser printer.

Should your buy an Inkjet or a laser printer, here are the things to consider

Inkjet Printer Laser Printer
Buying Cost Less expensive Expensive
Maintenance Cost Higher maintenance(ongoing) cost Lower maintenance(ongoing) cost
Quality Print quality is good Print very high quality documents and handle high-volume printing easily
Speed Typically Inkjet printer don’t print pages as fast as laser printers. But for home use, Inkjet speed is more than enough. Faster than Inkjet printers. Can handle high-volume printing easily.
Bottom Line
  • If you need a home printer, choose an Inkjet printer. It is best from an economic standpoint for occasional home use.
  • For Business need, Laser printer will be your best choice.
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