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What is a Trojan Horse ? How to Recover

A Trojan horse is a malicious program which allows the unauthorized collection, exploitation, falsification, or destruction of data. Named after the wooden horse the Greeks used to infiltrate Troy, commonly term “Trojan” to refer only to a non-replicating malicious program.

Normally, Trojan Horses will appear to be useful software, but Trojans will change your desktop, add some annoying active desktop icons or cause serious damage to your computer by deleting files or destroying them.

Trojans is that you may download a video, game or a picture, thinking it’s harmless, but once executed or installed in the system, this type of virus will start causing havoc on your computer. Another type of Trojan horse is that, you download a malicious program to clean virus but instead it introduces viruses onto your computer.

Types of Trojan horses:

  • Remote Access Trojans
  • Data Destruction Trojans
  • Downloader/dropper Trojans
  • Server Trojan(Proxy, FTP , IRC, Email, HTTP/HTTPS, etc.)
  • Disable security software Trojans
  • Denial-of-service attack (DoS) Trojans

Recovering from a Trojan Horse

These steps might help you to clean your system from Trojan Horse

1. Disconnect your computer from the Internet.
2. antivirus software will detect and remove the trojan automatically, if not scan your machine. If you don’t have an antivirus, checkout the best free antivirus software list.
3. Most of the times spyware and trojans will hide in temp folders, even if you try to delete manually it won’t allow you to delete.  Easy way to erase temporary files is to use ATF Cleaner.

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