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Speed Up your Slow Computer : Practical Guide

Is your Computer or laptop running slow ? You have to perform cleaning and maintenance to get it fast. Like our house, Computers need to be cleaned to get more space and resource. If your computer or laptop starts very slow, you may want to use the msconfig utility to halt programs which you don’t want running automatically, explained here.

Here is the practical guide to physically clean your computer for better performance.

Clean up your Windows Recycle Bin often

This is the hidden place which eats up hard drive space. So once in a while clean the Windows Recycle Bin. Right click your Windows Recycle Bin and click “Empty Recycle Bin” to empty the contents in your recycle bin.

You can change the capacity of Windows Recycle Bin in Windows XP by right clicking your Windows Recycle Bin and selecting “Properties” tab. Adjust the slider to increase or decrease the Recycle Bin capacity.(Try to keep around 10% of your hard drive space Recycle Bin).

Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup is an excellent utility which comes with Windows XP. This utility will help you free up space on your hard disk by searching your disk for files that you can safely delete. This tool will help you to remove temporary internet files, empty the Recycle Bin, windows temporary files and more.

Here is how to access it

Click Start ==> Programs ==> Accessories ==> System Tools ==> Disk Cleanup ( utility take a while to calculate the space)

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  • computer recycling louisville ky January 29, 2012, 2:04 am

    I support computer recycling. It does Mother Earth a big favor. I really helps our environment a lot. Thanks for sharing such informative information. I will be sharing this to others. Keep sharing helpful posts. =)

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