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Should I buy a Laptop or Desktop? Buying Advice

Should I buy a laptop or desktop? Not able to decide ? It is a can be a difficult decision, because laptop and desktop are very close in their capabilities and functions.

You can decide based on how you plan to use your computer and size of your budget you have. Here are some factors to consider while buying Laptops(also called notebooks) or desktop:



  • Desktop price is 1/2 the price of a comparable laptop.
  • Cost of replacing parts, maintenance is less.
  • You can move your screen and adjust keyboard according to your comfort
  • You can extend the Desktop life by adding peripherals more easily with less cost.


  • Even with flat panel monitor, desktop will occupy more space.
  • Desktop is not portable, so do your files in that computer.

Laptop/ notebooks


  • In terms of their portability, laptop is very useful. You can take a laptop anywhere, your applications and documents are always available anywhere.
  • With wireless card or Wi-Fi you can access internet anywhere.
  • Due to their size, laptops require only less space.
  • With attached battery you can use your laptop even there is no power.
  • Laptops use less power.


  • Because of portability, laptops are more likely to be dropped and broken, or lost (stolen).
  • Laptop maintenance and repair cost are very high compared to desktop.
  • Laptop’s attached screen and keyboard provide less flexibility and comfort to the user.
  • Because of its size and design, it limits your upgrading options.
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  • Danu June 21, 2009, 10:18 am

    If you are a traveler businessman the laptop is your choice. But if you are just an office employee or a gamer like me the desktop PC is you choice.

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