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How to stop storing and delete auto-complete entries in Firefox ?

Browser auto complete is a feature which lets your previous values in web form fields (such as search box, phone field etc) available to you when you for the future visits. This feature is available mostly in web browsers, e-mail, search engine etc. When you type first few letters the field will display a drop-down menu with matching entries you’ve typed into the form before.

Auto-complete feature will let other user of your computer to see your entries, if you want to maintain privacy delete the auto-complete entries, here is how.

How to delete Firefox auto-complete entries

  • Open Firefox
  • Click Tools menu
  • Select Clear Recent History
  • Select “Everything” in the Time range to clear dialog box
  • Select all the checkboxes in the beside Details arrow
  • Click Clear Now

How to stop storing form entries in Firefox

For some reason if you don’t want Firefox to remember auto-complete entries, do the following

  • Open Firefox
  • Click Tools menu
  • Select Options
  • Select Privacy panel
  • Select Use custom settings for history from the drop down menu
  • Uncheck Remember search and form history
  • Click OK to close
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