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Handy Firefox Shortcut Keys

Most of the Firefox users will use shortcuts key Ctrl+T a lot. Here are list of handy Mozilla Firefox Shortcut Keys which will help to accomplish your routine task faster.

CTRL + T – Open new tab
CTRL + W – Close current tab
CTRL + SHIFT + W – Close firefox browser

CTRL + Page Down – Next tab
CTRL + Page Up – Previous tab
CTRL + SHIFT + T – Re-open last closed tab.

CTRL + P – Print active web page
CTRL + I – Display the Bookmarks pane

CTRL++ – Increase the font size of active page
CTRL– – Decrease the font size of active page

ALT + B – Mozilla Firefox Favorites Menu

other useful handy shortcut
CTRL+Enter in address bar- append (www.) and (.com) to the url.  For example – enter thepicky and press Ctrl+Enter, this will make url as http://www.thepicky.com/

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