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Enabling Windows Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop, included with Windows XP Professional, enables you to connect to your computer across the Internet from virtually any computer, Pocket PC, or Smartphone. With the Remote Desktop feature in Windows XP, you can remotely control a computer from another office, from home.

You must first need to enable the Remote Desktop feature on the remote computer( office computer etc) to use this feature.
How to Enable Remote Desktop: (ex office computer)

Microsoft Windows XP Professional must be installed on the computer. You must be logged on as an administrator to enable this feature.

Start => Settings => Control Panel => Click System => Click the Remote tab => select the Allow users to connect remotely to this computer check box, and then click OK.

To allow exceptions in Windows Firewall:
Windows Firewall will be automatically configured to allow Remote Desktop connections to your computer.

Start => Settings => Control Panel => Click Security Center => Click Windows Firewall => Make sure the Don’t allow exceptions check box is not selected in General tab => Now select Exceptions tab and verify that the Remote Desktop check box is selected.

Now, this computer is Enabled Remote Desktop

How to Access via Remote Desktop: (ex Home computer)

Start => Programs => Accessories => click Remote Desktop Connection => Type the computer name (or the IP ) of your host computer(ex office computer) => Type user name, password and domain name (if required) => click OK => Now you are connected.

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