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Worst Jobs For The Century

Here is the The Worst Jobs For The 21st Century List from forbes

  1. News Analysts, Reporters and Correspondents:Sagging ad revenue, rising newsprint costs and Internet competition are quickly changing this industry.
  2. Economists:Frequent deadline pressure, work alone or in small teams, high level of education required.
  3. Announcers:Anyone hardly listen to the radio anymore?shift work, low pay , about a third of all announcers work part time.
  4. Travel Agents:The travel industry is highly connected to swings in economic conditions.
  5. Jewelers and Precious Stone and Metal Workers:The industry isn’t growing, largely due to the influx of mass-produced jewelry in recent years.
  6. Farmers and Ranchers:Farming and ranching jobs are expected to have the largest numerical decrease.It’s not idyllic. Strenuous work, long hours, hazardous conditions due to use of machinery and dependent on the weather.
  7. Federal Employees:Vary widely, due to the variance in federal jobs.
  8. Computer Programmers:Long hours and weekend work; programmers are susceptible to eye, back and wrist problems due to the amount of time spent in front of a computer.
  9. Insurance Agents:People who want to break into this field should work on their sales skills, gain expertise in a broad range of insurance services.
  10. Fishers and Fishing Vessel Operators:Long hours, seasonal work, harsh conditions with little support.Many fishermen are discovering that it’s no longer possible to earn a living at sea.

Via Forbes

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