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Future’s Fastest-Growing Careers

career.jpgConsidering so much of what you learn now ,will be obsolete by the time you graduate, it’s hard to know what courses will best prepare you for the future. Here are some of the fastest-growing jobs .

IT Project Manager
A computer science degree is helpful. Get good grades in computer science courses, and u should have good communication skills. The business team and the technical team never got along so you will need the interacting skills to make your job work for you.

Today The internet has made news a commodity. So to have a sustainable career as a journalist,a Blog puts you upstage as one who can give news in a unique way.

Solo Practitioner Lawyer

The Wall Street Journal says the latest law firm trend is “de-equitization,” which is a fancy word for kicking and throwing your partner out the door.With genius legal representation your success also depends on how you maintain client relations.

Ophthalmology has become one of the most popular specialties for medical students. It’s a medical field where you can set up practice on your own and control your own hours.

Medical Assistant
Some of the top 10 fastest growing professions five of them are related to medical field:Home health aide, medical assistant, physician’s assistant and dental assistant. These are the types of jobs that pay well and don’t interfere in your personal life.

Corporate life is still set up for you to pay your dues, and then earn a huge salary for working long hours

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