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Five elements of success by Infosys Narayana Murthy

No doubt N. R. Narayana Murthy is one the legends of India. He transformed India as Global Hub for Software outsourcing. He is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Mentor of Infosys Technologies Limited. He founded Infosys in 1981 along with six other software professionals.

TIME magazine’s “Global Tech Influential’s” list (August 2004) named Mr. Murthy as one of the ten leaders who are helping shape the future of technology. In 2006, TIME magazine again voted him as one of the Asian heroes who have brought about revolutionary changes in Asia in the last 60 years.

Here are his “Five elements of success” tips

Openness to learn: Openness to subordinate your ego to take ideas from others.
Second, meritocracy: The best ideas are adopted and implemented using data to arrive at the best decision.
Third, speed: Assuring you do things faster compared to yesterday and last quarter.
Fourth, imagination: You continually bring better ideas and better innovation to the table.
And finally, excellence in execution: That is implementation of these great ideas with a higher level of excellence today than yesterday.

I tell my colleagues that there is no guarantee we will be in business five or 10 years from now. The only guarantee is the opportunity for us to use these five attributes.

If we embrace them, we’ll be in play five and 10 years from now. But the day we forget these, we’ll disappear like dew on a sunny morning.


Via : rediff

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