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Do you want to work in UK ?

hsmpuk.jpgDo you want to work in UK ? HSMP programme allows you to enter UK for work as a skilled migrant. So, What is HSMP ?

The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) is designed to allow highly skilled people to migrate to the United Kingdom to look for work or self-employment opportunities.

Benefits of HSMP:

Unlike a UK Work Permit, the HSMP requires neither an application from a British company nor a specific offer of employment to be in place. As a result, HSMP offers greater flexibility to the holder ensuring that they are not tied to an employer and are free to undertake employment as they choose.


Initially a visa for Britain through HSMP is granted for a period of two years. After the initial two years, migrants with desirable skills need to apply to stay longer and must show that they are economically active.

Eligibility Criteria :

The HSMP system is a points-based immigration scheme, requiring a minimum of 75 points to qualify based on the following criteria:
– Age.
– Educational Qualifications.
– Previous Earnings.
– Work Experience in Britain.


The applicant must evidence their English Language ability by one of the following:

– International English Language Testing System (IELTS) at least Level 6, issued within the last 2 years. (TOEFL is equivalent to IELTS level 6)
– UK equivalent Bachelors degree that was taught in the English language.
– English Language Certificate considered equivalent to IELTS Level 6.


You will gain 30, 35 or 50 points for your qualifications.

– 50 Points – PhD
– 35 points – Masters Degree or Professional Qualification (eg Chartered Accountant)
– 30 points – Bachelors Degree (eg BA, BSc)
– 0 points – None of above

PAST EARNINGS (Maximum 45 points)
You will gain 5 to 45 points under this HSMP category depending on earning power and Country of residence.

– £16,000 per annum 5 Points
– £18,000 per annum 10 Points
– £20,000 per annum 15 Points
– £23,000 per annum 20 Points
– £26,500 per annum 25 Points
– £29,000 per annum 30 Points
– £32,000 per annum 35 Points
– £35,000 per annum 40 Points
– £40,000 per annum 45 Points

AGE (Maximum 20 points)
If you are under 32 years of age you will gain points based on age.

– 27 or under – 20 points
– 28 or 29 – 10 points
– 30 or 31 – 5 points
– 32 or older – 0 points

UK EXPERIENCE (5 points)
-If the qualification was gained in the UK you will gain an additional 5 points.

The following additional requirements are also essential to qualify for HSMP:
– Applicants must be able to support themselves without public funding.
– Applicants who are or have ever been bankrupt are not eligible.
– Applicants who have been convicted of a criminal offence are not eligible.
– Applicants must intend to make the British Isles their main home.

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