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Tata’s small car : Difficult to stick to the price of Rs 1 lakh

car1.jpgTata Motors managing director Ravi Kant says that higher costs may make it difficult to stick to the targeted price of Rs 1,00,000. Volkswagen launched it’s premium segment car ‘Passat ‘ in India.

Tata Motors is planning to unveil proposed Rs 1 lakh-car in the upcoming auto show in New Delhi in January 2008.Tata’s proposed Rs 1 lakh-car has generated a lot of attention as it will be the cheapest car ever to be sold in the global automobile industry.  The 4 or 5-seater car will have four doors and will be powered by a 30 HP engine fitted in the rear.French auto maker Renault  and its Japanese partner, Nissan Motor Co., are exploring the possibility of making a compact car for less than Rs1.25 lakh

Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp., South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Co. and Chinese auto maker Chery could also be looking to make ultra-cheap cars in India.

India is one of the the world’s fastest growing automobile markets, thanks to the India’s booming economy.

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