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Tata Nano: Ratan Tata’s Speach

Ratan Tata, in an uncharacteristically combative mood, decided to take on criticisms and concerns accumulated over four years. Here are some of his remarks culled from the many that he made in the course of the day:

Tata Nano: The World’s Cheapest Car

  • “Some have gone and said we will lead to an increase in the fuel import bill. Half a million two-wheeler capacity has been added in the country. They also run on fossil fuel. Why is no one asking them the same questions?”
  • “This car is less polluting than a two-wheeler. It has passed the crash tests required in the country and will be undergoing side and offset tests required for European markets. It conforms to Bharat III emission norms and this engine will meet the Euro IV norms. Dr Pachauri [R K, chairman of the inter-government panel on climate change] need not have nightmares and Sunita Narain [of green lobby CSE] can sleep at night.”
  • “We had some unsolicited suggestions for the name of the car. Some said we should call it Buddhu (perhaps as a tribute to the West Bengal Chief Minister). Some suggested Mamata, or Despite Mamata~ [after Mamata Banerjee of Trinamool Congress who has been a strong opponent of the car project].”
  • “We did not put the Rs 1 lakh tag, the media did. But we took it up as a challenge.”

Courtesy : BW

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