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Tata Motors Nano Rs 1 lakh car


Tata unveiled World’s cheapest car “Nano”. Here is the Specification of Tata Nano car.

  • Tata Nano is three metre long with four seater.
  • Price will be of 100,000 rupees – around £1,200 or $2,500
  • Tata Nano is powered by a 624cc, 30 bhp engine and will deliver mileage of about 20 kpl
  • Tata Nano has already undergone full frontal collision tests and will soon be undergoing side impact tests this year.
  • Nano will be Euro-IV compliant and will meet all emission norms till 2010
  • Nano is 8% smaller in terms of length than the Maruti 800, but has 21% more room internally.
  • A team of 500 designers and engineers worked for 4 years on the development of the car.
  • The standard variant (without AC) of Nano is priced at Rs 1 lakh for dealers excluding VAT and transportation.
  • Nano will be two deluxe variants with AC.
  • The 4 door vehicle, which can comfortably seat four people
  • Has a 33 brake horsepower, 624 cubic centimeter engine in the rear.
  • The basic model has no air conditioning, power steering, antilock brakes or electric windows.
  • It also has a single windshield wiper and no rear seat belts.
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