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“Tara Tiny” at Rs 99,000 the world’s cheapest car, replaces the Tata Nano


It seems Tata Nano is no longer going to be the the world’s cheapest car! .

Tara Tiny from the Tara International stable is going to be cheapest car which runs on electricity. These are zero emission and cost only Rs 99,000!, which is 1 rupee less than that of Tata Nano (not including levies or delivery charges).

The Tara Tiny can seat 2 people and can be recharged daily at 220 volts through 15 amp sockets, a 8 hour charge enables the cars to travel 80 – 100 kilo meters.


The only downside to the Electric Tara Tiny is that it will only reach a top speed of 50 km/hr (31 mph), which is not bad for urban driving.

Tara International has teamed up with China’s Aucma, a leading player in the electrical vehicles and appliances segment, to manufacture this cars.


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