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Rasna launches Fruitplus, fruit concentrate

Soft-drink maker Rasna, launched ‘Fruitplus’, a fruit drink concentrate with natural goodness of fruits.

Rasna plans to target the fitness conscious consumers by providing them with an all-purpose and all-season drink Fruitplus.

Fruitplus will be available in four different flavors namely

  • Fruitplus Orange
  • Fruitplus Lemon
  • Fruitplus Mango
  • Fruitplus Pineapple

Fruitplus, is fortified with ingredients like fruit powder, Vitamin A, B, C et al, the company said. The 500 hundred grams bottle is priced at Rs 80 and a packet of same weight costs Rs 60. Fruitplus is also available in Rs 3 & Rs 10 pouch to attract new customers.

Rasna, is set to open manufacturing plants abroad and launch its own retail chain in India. Rasna’s Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Piruz Khambatta, said that Rasna’s two new manufacturing facilities will get operational in Saudi Arabia and Egypt by October this year.

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  • CAPTAIN CHAGLA October 27, 2011, 5:50 am

    Why not have original blackberry juice powder Rasna

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