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Patent breach: Bajaj Auto to sue TVS

India’s second largest two- wheeler manufacture Bajaj Auto Ltd is planning to sue south competitor TVS Motor Co for ‘infringing‘ upon intellectual property rights of its patented digital twin spark ignition (DTSi) technology.

Bajaj move to sue TVS comes after the TVS announced plans to roll out its latest 125 cc bike ‘Flame’ with Controlled Combustion Variable Timing Intelligent (CC-VTi) technology.TVS had claimed that its ‘Flame’ is powered by an engine with CC-VTi technology, which features two different intake ports called swirl port and power port and denied it had infringed on anyone’s technology.

DTSi technology which is developed by Bajaj Auto and used for the first time on the Pulsar range is made to deliver better fuel efficiency and improved power and the company holds global and Indian patent for the technology for small engines.
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