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Outsourcing not eating, but creating US jobs

In this current election campaign,US Presidential candidates are blaming ‘shipping jobs’ to China and India for rising US unemployment. For this , India Inc has launched a counter-offensive telling Americans that the BPO industry is creating new work opportunities for them.

The industry body FICCI and the Commerce Ministry, gives an elaborate account in A full-page advertisement in the Chicago Tribune yesterday of how the legendary Tata Group, along with several others like Ranbaxy, Mahindra USA, Bharat Forge, ITC Kitchens of India and HCL America have created thousands of jobs in America by investing in different sectors of the US economy.

The Tata Group that operates 16 companies in the US — from luxury hotels and beverage business to manufacturing, telecom and IT consulting — employs over 5,000 Americans.

Likewise, Ranbaxy is creating jobs and stimulating the economy in North Carolina, New Jersey and Florida, FICCI said.

Ranjan V Khanna, who heads the chamber in the US said,”Where is the job loss? We are creating jobs for them,”.

The counter-campaign by the Indian industry to the election slogan of ‘job-shipping’ also talks about how several American firms, which went down under and were even facing bankruptcy, have been revived by groups like Bharat Forge.

Secretary General of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Amit Mitra said, “This is a six-month roll out before the Presidential elections. We will be talking to the US Congressmen and other opinion-makers about the positive impact of the increasing Indian investment in the US,”.

[via- Times of India]

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