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MeraSnap.com – Digital photo printing made easy in India

Recently tried MeraSnap Photo service. Uploaded photos and it got delivered to relatives in India and print quality was excellent. But it took couple of days to deliver, never mind (merasnap promises 2-4 working days).
It’s a convenient way for NRI’S and people away from home in India.

Here is how it works:

– You upload your digital photographs at MeraSnap.com
– They print (at a studio lab) and deliver them to your family anywhere in India within 2- 4 working days.
– It costs Rs.4.40 (10 cents) a print and
Rs.35/- (85 cents) FLAT RATE for shipping, no matter how many photos you sent..
– You may pay by credit card or cheque.

We would really recommend this service. Since most of the photo studios are charging from 5- 7 rupees.

Website: http://www.MeraSnap.com

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