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D.Light to Light Up Rural India

A start-up company founded by some ambitious recent graduates of Stanford Business School aims to ease that problem–and make a profit at the same time.

The company, d.light design based in New Delhi, India, has developed a trio of lights created for a market it calls the “base of the pyramid”–including people who live on the equivalent of $1 a day.

The Nova

The Nova is d.light’s signature product, providing up to 40 hours of bright light on a full charge. The Nova, which uses a Seoul Semiconductor high-powered LED, is 10-20 times brighter than a kerosene lantern and 30-50% more efficient than fluorescent lights and will sell for $15-$30 USD.

The Vega

The Vega is designed for families who live in semi-urban and rural areas with sporadic electricity access and erratic voltage. The Vega replaces the need for candles, kerosene lanterns and other dim sources of light when working, socializing, cooking, reading and studying during power cuts. The Vega will sell for $10-$16 USD.

The Comet

The Comet, the world’s most affordable solar light, features a super efficient and bright Seoul Semiconductor high-powered LED. The Comet models are specifically designed for dollar-a-day households who need a product with low-entry price, ranging from $8-$15 USD.

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