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378,000 people filed for unemployment in US

New filings for US unemployment benefits rose more than expected last week, according to a Labor Department , which is above forecasts.

According to the report, 378,000 people filed for unemployment for the first time in the week ended March 15, 22,000 higher than a revised 356,000 reported in the previous week.

New jobless claims can be used as a recession indicator, said Ethan Harris, chief U.S. economist for Lehman Brothers.

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  • new york unemployment May 1, 2010, 10:17 am

    I’ve been unemployed for 9 months. I’m single, living with a relative and getting unemployment. I can’t afford to live anywhere else and the relative I’m living with stays in a one bedroom apartment and there’s only supposed to be one person living there. So we’re breaking the rules. It’s just scary! you keep going and going and applying and looking for jobs I’ve applied for so many and tried so hard. I’m scared about what will happen to me, where will I go what will I do if this steady decline continues? I don’t really have anyone else to turn to except the one relative I’m staying with. I’ve even started looking at a multi state area for jobs.
    I thought your 378,000 people filed for unemployment in US page definitely seemed like a decent place to start!

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