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WordPress 2.8 Beta 1 – Download

WordPress 2.8 Beta 1 is available for download. You can download WordPress Beta, test and file bugs.

WordPress 2.8 has many new features. Here are a few

  • New Theme Installer routines
  • Make tags accessible without Javascript on the edit screen
  • Don’t ask for confirmation when marking a comment as spam
  • Don’t notify post author of own comments
  • Improved Admin icons
  • Improved Widget user interface
  • Allow editing of all plugin files
  • Improved Plugin search
  • Per Page option for plugins
  • Move “Install a plugin in .zip format”
  • Permalink editor changes and fix for pages
  • Autosave post/page when pressing Control/Command+S
  • Support more than one gallery on the same page
  • Check for new version when visiting Administration
  • Add description field for tags
  • In upgrade process, provide better explanation for database upgrade message
  • Enforce unique email addresses in Add/Edit users
  • Make user_nicenames unique during registration
  • Use invisible class for hiding labels and legends
  • Use a semantic class name for text targeted to screen readers
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