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Simple steps to Make Money Blogging – Free Ebook Download

Daniel Scocco of dailyblogtips.com, an established blogger, has written an ebook called “Make Money Blogging”. This e-book answers questions and techniques how you can establish a niche blog and make money out of it.

Make Money Blogging is about how to make money by blogging. It’s very well written and broken down into 5 main chapters (Content, Design & Usability, Networking, Promotion and Monetization) that anyone can follow and accomplish.

His advice is obviously based his experience in blogging world. For example, as opposed to the general practice of just showing normal post in a page, Daniel Scocco advices bloggers/writers to showcase their best content (Popular Posts) in all pages. This technique will improve first time visitor’s chances of sticking around.

Making your blog easy to use is one of the key points you should consider. Here are collections of common usability mistakes that bloggers tend to make over and over again

No search box
No archives
No contact page
Complex navigation
Bad typography
Invisible links
Too many ads
Badges, buttons and widgets

“Make Money Blogging” comes with practical ideas, simple graphics that bloggers can follow immediately.

  • List of mistakes bloggers should avoid
  • Developing a core audience by choosing a specific topic
  • Valuable checklists to create killer articles and choose good title (headline)
  • Recommendations on logo ideas and free resources.
  • Huge list of usability mistakes that bloggers tend to make.
  • How you can network effectively and promote online.
  • And, monetization techniques and insights on advertising networks

If you are a blogger, this is a must read e book. Go to dailyblogtips.com and signing-up to free email newsletter you’ll immediately be able to download your copy of Make Money Blogging Free eBook.

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