Hosting a Website – How To

Hosting a website is not that hard as you think. Once you have created pages for your website you can host it at a hosting provider. There are number hosting providers around. Each has different space limitations, bandwidth charges and terms.

Before hosting a website you need to have a domain registered. Once you register the domain you can host the website.

Most of people just want a web presence. According to your budget you can choose a hosting provide. There will charge monthly charge or yearly charge. You have to choose the plan according to your needs. Some will have just only 4 or 5 pages (..Like home, contact us, about us etc.)

Some of the website hosting providers


Most of the providers provide you will free parking page (called Web site builder). If you want only one page, then you may not need a hosting provider. You can make use of Web site builder to build home page.

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