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‪‪Microsoft Visual Studio‬ for macOS‬‬ – Download

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2017 for Mac. The Visual Studio supports Visual Studio Code for Mac and is free to download. It is designed natively for the Mac

Visual Studio is an IDE (integrated development environment) from Microsoft to develop programs for Windows , web apps and mobile apps. Visual Studio 2017 for Mac will enable macOS developers to build apps for Android, macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, web, and cloud

What is Windows Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is a powerful tool that load a minimal set of drivers for fixing problems in Windows. Windows Safe Mode option allows you to start Windows without loading any unnecessary drivers or software when you have any system-critical problem in windows. This option allows you to troubleshoot Windows easily. Safe Mode is the first step in recovering a crashed computer when Windows restarts continuously with blue screen known as Blue Screen of Death.

List of Dock Application for Windows

Docks are little applications that act as program launchers (bar of icons). Which allows your to organize shortcuts, programs attractive for easy access at anytime. Apple Macs have a dock application in-built which provides easy access to some of the Apple applications on your Mac (such as Mail, Safari, iTunes, Address Book, and QuickTime Player), but Microsoft Windows doesn’t have built in dock applications. You have to install Dock Application for Windows.