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Best Mini Laptops – Smallest, Lightest and Cheapest

When buying a laptops, think about the best size and weight for your portability needs. If you use your laptop for multimedia, consider purchasing a larger laptop hard drive and discreet laptop video card. Netbooks or minilaptops are small, cost effective, low-power systems which are optimized for your mobility needs, which in turn costs less than the standard-issue laptop.


What is the Netbook?

A netbook is a type of laptop computer designed primarily for web browsing. Netbooks may look like laptops, but they don’t have the full capabilities of a laptop computer. So, what is a netbook for ? It’s just made for internet browsing. netbooks rely on the Internet for remote internet access(like Wi-Fi). With netbook you can be in-touch with your friends via email, IM and Social Networking sites, primarily you can do anything in internet.