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‪‪Microsoft Visual Studio‬ for macOS‬‬ – Download

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2017 for Mac. The Visual Studio supports Visual Studio Code for Mac and is free to download. It is designed natively for the Mac

Visual Studio is an IDE (integrated development environment) from Microsoft to develop programs for Windows , web apps and mobile apps. Visual Studio 2017 for Mac will enable macOS developers to build apps for Android, macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, web, and cloud

Microsoft Surface Studio – Features

Take a look at the features of Microsoft’s Surface Studio. It is a desktop PC built for creativity. Surface Studio is the Microsoft’s answer to Apple’ iMac,  a popular desktop among creative professionals.


Surface Studio features

Here is the features of Surface Studio

  • Storage – 1TB or 2TB Rapid Hybrid Drive
  • Display – 28” PixelSense Display Resolution: 4500 x 3000 (192 PPI)