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VoIP in iPhone, NOT in 3G network


Global IP Solutions, which is a major player in the world of IP communication services, has launched an SDK aimed at providing developers the tools to create innovative VoIP applications for the iPhone.

According to informationweek, VoIP in iPhone will only work on Wi-Fi hotspots. Users CANNOT use iPhone 3G’s high-speed network for VoIP calls, it is because Apple’s agreement with its exclusive U.S. carrier AT&Tto remove applications that violate the mobile operator’s terms of services.

VoIP in Apple iPhone 3G


Apple iPhone users will able to make calls without using cell phone minutes as Global IP Solutions announced Monday a software developer’s kit that enables voice over IP on Apple’s handset.

According to informationweek , ” The popularity of the iPhone, along with the emergence of various applications and faster connectivity, makes it an ideal platform for developing applications that incorporate quality real-time VoIP, giving consumers real-world communication experiences like in-game, multi-person chat,” said Emerick Woods, Global IP Solutions’ CEO, in a statement.