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What are Liquid Assets ?


In layman terms Cash or assets that can be immediately converted to cash. Liquid assets are the one of the basic form of financial terms used by investors and consumers.

Liquid assets are that one you can efficiently exchange for another asset. for example Cash, marketable bonds, commodities, bank deposits, and securities which can be easily exchange for another asset.

Tata mutual launches Tata Growing Economies Infrastructure Fund


Tata Mutual Fund has launched Tata Growing Economies Infrastructure Fund, an open ended equity scheme with two plan option for investors.

The objective of the Tata Growing Economies Infrastructure Fund would be to invest in infrastructure related sectors in growing economies overseas and in India.

Yahoo big investors may back Microsoft

Most of Yahoo Inc’s top institutional shareholders may be more interested in making sure Microsoft Corp does not overpay for the Web pioneer, because they have more money invested in the bigger software maker.

Financial risk management analysis company RiskMetrics Group found that close to 90 percent of Yahoo’s institutional shareholders have a cross-holding in Microsoft, including most of the top 20 — and generally have significantly more money invested in Microsoft.

What is hedge fund ?

A hedge fund is a private investment fund that charges a performance fee and is typically open to only a limited range of qualified investors and require a very large initial minimum investment.

According to investopedia, You can think of hedge funds as mutual funds for the super rich. They are similar to mutual funds in that investments are pooled and professionally managed, but differ in that the fund has far more flexibility in its investment strategies.