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Ajay Bhatt: Co-Inventor of the USB, in Intel Ad

Ajay V. Bhatt is a computer architect at Intel Corp. Bhatt has been instrumental in driving definition and development of broadly adopted technologies such as USB, Accelerated Graphics Port, PCI Express, Platform Power management architecture and various chipset enhancements.

Bhatt received his master’s degree from The City University of New York. He holds nine U.S. patents with several in various stages of filing.

Intel and IBM into Solar Energy ventures

Intel and IBM have joined the team of technology companies making alternative-energy projects, announcing separate efforts to produce their own solar cells.

Intel said it has spun off a new company called SpectraWatt to make photovoltaic cells for solar modules. The company will be based in Oregon, US and will make 60 megawatts worth of solar cells a year.

Intel creates Numonyx, flash memory company

(Image credit: Business Wire)

Intel and STMicroelectronics NV unveiled a new independent semiconductor company “Numonyx” that will develop and manufacture flash-memory products.

Numonyx was formed from the flash memory businesses of Intel Corp. and STMicroelectronics, which will produce NOR and NAND flash microprocessors used in popular devices such as MP3 players, digital cameras and cell phones.

Acer Aspire 5315 laptop introduced in India


Acer has announced to introduce Aspire 5315 notebook in India, which has an elegant Pebble design.

The Aspire 5315 features the Linux operating system (OS) and includes built-in CrystalEye Web cam for easy video conferencing. Powered by Intel Celeron M550, the Aspire 5315 includes support for Intel Wireless WiFi Link network solution.

Who Gets the Most H-1B Visas ? Infosys tops !


Indian outsourcing companies top the list of companies who utilizes the H-1B visa program to bring foreign workers to the U.S.

Data released by the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services show that offshore outsourcing firms, from India, dominate the list of companies awarded H-1B visas in 2007. Indian companies accounted for nearly 80% of the visa petitions approved in 2007.