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Railway Budget : Railway Budget 2008 09


Following are the highlights of the Indian Railway Budget for 2008-09 presented by the Railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Passenger fares reduction

  • One rupee discount per passenger for fares up to Rs.50 in non suburban Second Class (ordinary and mail/express)
  • 5% discount across the board for passenger fares beyond Rs.50 for all non suburban Second Class (ordinary and mail/express).
  • Increase in discount for travel in new design high capacity reserved coaches.
  • Reduction in fare – AC-I : 7%; and AC-II : 4% (the reduction will be half for popular trains and during peak period).

Ticketing Improvements

  • Termination of queues at ticket counters targeted in two years.
  • Ticket booking on mobile phones; E-ticket for wait listed passengers.
  • Increase in Unreserved Ticketing Systems counters to 15,000 and ATVMs to 6000.

Concessions for passengers

  • Senior citizen concession for women enhanced to 50% from existing 30%.