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India’s Annual Inflation Unexpectedly Accelerates

India , the Asia’s third-largest economy’s inflation soared to 7.83% for the week ended May 03, 2008 from 7.61% – a 44-month high .

Earlier, Indian government banned cement export and non-basmati rice export , reduced import duty on some items and imposed export duty on some steel items to control the surging prices.

India raises rice export prices


To discourage exports and control domestic food costs Indian government has raised the minimum price for exporting rice. India exports about 4-5 million tonnes of rice annually.

Non-basmati rice rate has gone up from $500 a tonne to $650 (Rs 26,000 rupees ).
Basmati rate has gone to $900 (Rs 36,000 rupees ). Earlier, there was no fixed minimum price for export of basmati rice.