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Indian workers protest outside White House; seeks help from George Bush


After a staged a powerful protest in Mississippi shipyard in March, now Indian workers alleging they were lured to come to the United States by false promises of permanent jobs, have protested before the gates of White House.

Despite assurance from Overseas Indian Affairs Minister — Viyalar Ravi, alleged workers seeks help from President George Bush.

Indian Workers allege ‘Slave Treatment’ in US shipyard

America, the land of opportunities, has become a nightmare for Indian workers in Mississippi shipyard, who say they have been forced to live like “pigs in a cage” in a “work camp” run by ‘Signal International’ in Pascagoula shipyard in Mississippi.

(Photo Credit: abcnews)

Around 100 workers recruited from India staged a powerful protest at a Mississippi shipyard on Thursday, claiming they had been “tricked” into coming to the US.