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FAQ: Cloud Hosting

Overall cloud hosting is a pay-as-you-go, on-demand hosting, which can be set up in minutes. You only pay for what’s provisioned. You can delete, configure backup server, create and keep servers for staging and a new one for production. You can select different of memory, CPU and storage. Checkout the difference between Cloud Computing vs Grid Computing.
Checkout list of Cloud Hosting providers you can consider for your hosting and application needs. Here are some of the common frequently asked questions on Cloud Hosting.

List of Cloud Hosting Providers

Looking for best Cloud Hosting Providers. Here is the list of Cloud Computing Hosting Providers.

Cloud computing is the use of a 3rd party service(Web Services) to perform computing needs. Here Cloud depicts Internet. With cloud computing, companies can scale up to massive capacities in an instant without having to invest in new infrastructure. Cloud computing is benefit to small and medium-sized businesses. Cloud hosting is self-service, billed hourly or monthly, and controlled via a web interface or API.

What is Dedicated Hosting ?

Dedicated Hosting is a type of Internet hosting in which the client is given full control over the leased server. Instead of sharing server space on a server, dedicated hosting services allows the client to rent an entire web server from a dedicated web hosting provider for their own exclusive use.

With Dedicated Hosting is powerful, yet expensive. You can customize the server as you want.

GPU usage Issue on Media Temple’s Grid-Server

I tried Media Temple(mt) Grid-Service(gs) hosting service for about 20 days and found that it’s not the perfect hosting solution for my sites as wordpress wp-cron.php takes most of my GPU’s. Media Temple’s GRID hosting plan uses GPU measurement (which stands for Grid Performance Unit). According to mediatemple, GPU is a measurement that derives from CPU time required by every single hit/request made to your (gs) Grid-Service. Each hosting plan has allotted 1000 GPU’s per month (Approx 1.38 GPU’s per hour).

How to Move WordPress from Dreamhost To Media Temple’s Grid Server

Recently moved wordpress blog thepicky.com from dreamhost shared hosting to Media Temple Grid-Service(gs). I thought to document the host move, so that it would be helpful to someone else in the future.

Moving your sites to Media Temple (or other host ) involves some important steps, which included moving website content and databases.