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Is VOIP Phones Reliable

Buzzword in the Internet community, nowadays, is VoIP. A VoIP or broadband phone is like a regular phone except it uses a high speed internet to make call at a fraction of the cost or for free.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is phone service that uses broadband Internet connectivity to dial. You may be wondering whether or not VoIP is a reliable technology, particularly since it is fairly new.

Vonage Pro – Virtually Anywhere

Vonage Companion, Vonage Pro, Vonage Pro virtually anywhere

Vonage Pro is a calling plan by Vonage which enables subscribers to use their home phone connections virtually anywhere they can find a high-speed Internet connection.

USD 35-a-month service can also automatically transcribe voice mails to e-mail or SMS text. Incoming Vonage Pro calls ring at both the customer’s home number and at a companion number chosen by the customer. The Vonage Companion feature is provided by mobile VoIP software company CounterPath, According to Information Week magazine.