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Google Maps Walking Directions !! Cool

Web users have been able to get driving directions from a variety of sources like google maps, yahoo maps, mapquest etc, Now Google Maps provides walking directions in major cities.

googlmaps_walking, google maps, google walking

If you want to walk from your apartment to a restaurant nearby, Google maps will show you the route with turn-by-turn directions. Currently this service is available in in major cities and it is in beta, go to maps.google.com and look for the walking link.

Hot iPhone 3G Third-Party Applications

Hot iPhone Third-party Applications, iphone, iPhone 3G, ipod touch, voice recognition, mac desktop, networking application, iphones, major league baseball, google maps

The new iPhone 3G operating system will allow users to run third-party applications. The iPhone 2.0 software will run on the new iPhone 3G. Most applications will also run on the iPod Touch, and on existing iPhones once the new iPhone 2.0 software has been downloaded.


Here is the list of 9 hot iPhone applications picked by Information Week magazine.

Free WiFi hotspots in Google maps


Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder is a Free web service that can give you a list of free wireless internet locations in google maps. To find Free Wi-Fi near you enter your address.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder using google maps
JiWire is another WiFi Hotspot service which finds free and paid WiFi hotspots in 135 countries( it dosen’t use google map).