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Google Inbox – Gmail app

As the name suggests, Inbox by Gmail is a mail client for Google mail service, Gmail. This app has proved to be intelligent and has received praises for its minimalist design.


No invites!

When the app was launched in October 2014, it required an invite to install the app. From May 2015, it has been made available on app stores without the invites.

How to undo sending an email in Gmail ?

Here is a cool feature from Google to undo send action of an email in Gmail. This feature was available for beta users from 2009. It proved very popular and hence Google decided to make it as an official feature. Here are steps to enable undo send on Gmail web client.

Step 1

How Do I Sign out Gmail Remotely ?

Q: How to logout Gmail from another computer?


You might have opened different Gmail sessions from other computers or devices. Someone can attempt to send an email from your leftover sessions. Gmail has a feature called ‘Last account activity’, which allows you to view the information about recent activity in your mail. This feature also allows you to sign out all sessions other than your current session by clicking Sign out all other sessions.
You can login you Gmail from another browser or a computer and kill the previous session by following steps.

How do I enable/disable Conversation View in Gmail?

Google gmail conversation view feature is clearly one of the very useful feature. In Conversation View, conversations of the same topic and it’s replies ( replies to emails and replies to those replies) are grouped in a single conversation thread.

Also in the view long email conversations will occupy one slot in the Inbox rather than filling the entire page. This view is also called as Gmail message threading.