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Top 15 Apps used by iOS & Android users

Facebook ranked as the top individual smartphone app, according to comScore’s latest key trends on U.S. Smartphone Apps.

Facebook app ranked as the top smartphone app(73.3% reach) used by U.S smartphone mobile media users, followed by Facebook Messenger(59.5%) , YouTube (59.3 %) and Google Search (52.0%). comScore Mobile Metrix measure audience behaviour across smartphones and tablets and provides data.

Google Handles 235 Million Searches Per Day


How many Google Searches per day ?

Google wants to be a worldwide data center that stores every piece of personal and corporate information. Google is pushing cloud computing to accomplish this.

In 1998, Google handled 10,000 searches a day and 500,000 a day in 1999. According to research group comScore estimates that Google hosted 235 million searches a day in July of this year (2008).