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Global Fuel Prices – 12 Least Expensive Countries

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Gasoline prices all over the world is soaring. On average, gasoline prices have increased more than 60 percent in the last two years.
However, the price of gas still remains low in some countries like Venezuela, which has the low gas price of 12.4¢.

High gasoline price can be linked to several things: Increased demand, Tensions with Iran , High demand in China and India.

Global Recession close to reality, IMF Predicts

The world is heading towards a global recession, latest forecasts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have predicted.

In it’s latest report International Monetary Fund (IMF) have predicted world growth could slow to 3.7 % in 20080.5 % point lower than what was forecast in the January 2008, citing the unfolding financial market turmoil as the biggest downside risk to the global economy.

Olympic torch put out in Paris


It turned to be a rough day for the Olympic torch in Paris on Monday. Hundreds of demonstrators who gathered at the Eiffel Tower, PARIS, France who were able to put the torch out as it made its way through the French captal.

“Boycott Chinese goods” and “Save Tibet” read banners held by demonstrators.