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“The InfoTech 100” Companies 2008

The BusinessWeek’s latest annual list ‘The Infotech 100’ ranks firms on the basis of shareholder return, return on equity, total revenues and revenue growth. The list is topped by US firms –Amazon.com and Apple. Here is the List

India’s Economy Hits the Wall

We have a government in New Delhi with the best brains, the dream team — Oxford-educated Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Harvard-educated Finance Minister P. Chidambaram. If they don’t deliver, then what?

Just six months ago, India was looking good. Nothing, it seemed, could stop the forward march of this Asian nation.

The World’s Green Cities


Several ambitious plans around the world envision to build emission-free and carbon-neutral cities , known as green cities.

Here is the BusinessWeek list of The World’s Green Cities around the world

  • H2PIA – Denmark -by HiRC How2Live Hydrogen Architecture
  • BedZED – Wallington, England- by Bill Dunster Architects
  • Dockside Green – Victoria, British Columbia- by Windmill West