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“Vayu Vajra”: Bangalore International Airport shuttle buses

GHIAL introduced Volvo Aeroexpress buses to make the commuting easy to the new Hyderabad International Airport, now Vayu Vajra is ready for new Bangalore International Airport passengers.

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has named its Volvo airport special shuttle service to Bengaluru International Airport as “Vayu Vajra“.


BMTC will inaugurate Vayu Vajra, 40 Volvo and 140 Leyland buses by end of this month.

Airport Strike – Impact across India over privatisation

Around 15,000 airport employees across India is on an indefinite strike from Wednesday, which it has described as “non-cooperation” against the government.

Workers including airport cleaners, baggage handlers, and ground staff at 129 state-run airports in India walked off in protest over plans to privatize two major airports — Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Bangalore International Airport – Taking off March 30, 2008.


The $430 million Bangalore’s new international airport is ready for operations by March 30, 2008.

The airport is located in Devanahalli, which is 30 km from the city. Construction of the airport began in July 2005, after a long postponement.

The new Bengaluru International Airport at Devanahalli will put Bangalore city on the global destination and offer travellers facilities comparable with the best international airports.