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What is Google Chrome Operating System (OS)?

Google Chrome OS (Google Chrome Operating System) is an open source, lightweight operating system that will be designed primarily for netbooks but also for desktop computers. Speed, simplicity and security will be the key aspects of Google Chrome OS. It’s the Google challenge to Microsoft and its Windows operating systems.

T-Mobile G1 – Google’s Android Phone

HTC, Taiwanese based handset is the The first phone to use Google’s Android operating system , and T-Mobile will be using it in its network in U.S.

Image Courtesy – crave.cnet

It is called T-Mobile G1. G1 will have tight integration with Google apps, especially the company’s popular services such as Gmail, calendar and instant messaging. The phone will also have a full-featured browser — and it is likely that it will be Chrome, the newly minted browser from Google , according to wired.