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Ear Pain While Flying on Airplane – How to Minimize

Does your ears pop when you’re flying on an airplane? one third of all passengers will experience this ear pain at least once.

So, Why do your ears pop in airplanes?

Rapid changes in air pressure inside the aircraft cause the air pocket inside the ear to expand during takeoff and contract during descent, stretching the eardrum. To equalize pressure, air must enter or escape through the Eustachian tube.

European Union(EU) Allows Mobile Phones on Airplanes

The 27-member European Union (EU) announced on Monday that it would allow air travelers to use their mobile phones to talk, send text messages or e-mails during their flight in the European airspace.

Users will be charged by their existing service providers according to rates set by them, the airline and their network operator. European officials have warned consumers to expect higher fees because of the costs involved to set up the onboard networks on planes.