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shilpa.jpgIs Dusk Beauty Shilpa Shetty going to be the New Bond Girl? . It all started after “The People” website in the UK raised the question about whether Shilpa would agree to play the Bond girl’s role, right after she won ‘Big Brother’.

The latest of  this season is now leading opinion polls as the first choice for the Bond girl’s role opposite Daniel Craig in a Bond series movie. 

gisele-bundchen.jpgDo you ever wondered which supermodel earns most money? you’re right.. It is ex-Victoria Secret model Gisele Bundchen .

Gisele – stars in almost 20 campaigns a year and was the lead model for lingerie giants Victoria’s Secret. The model was paid $5 million a year to front their catwalk shows and appear in their catalogues and advertising campaigns. However, their association ended after the company reportedly

spitting_india_1947.jpgSIXTY years ago this August one of the greatest and most violent upheavals of the 20th century took place on the Indian subcontinent. It was an event whose consequences were entirely unexpected and whose meaning was never fully spelled out or understood either by the politicians who took the decision or the millions of Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs who were to become its

tomcruisekatie.jpgDo you know 2006 world’s most powerful celebrity Tom Cruise amazed aviation experts in Germany,when he flew a 1941 Boeing Stearman plane of his new movie Valkyrie.

Tom who is also an amateur pilot, took the controls of the double-decker craft on the set of his new World War II film. At the control of his historic double-decker plane, which was

‘Business Today’s Top 10 Indian Management Schools

Rank / Institution

1 Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad

2 IIM Bangalore

3 IIM Calcutta

4 Symbiosis-Pune

google.jpgForget Apple and its iPhone, Lately it’s online search company Google. And a long-rumored phone from the search giant is the least of the industry’s worries.

The 700MHz spectrum, which has been used to provide analog TV service, is considered the last piece of prime real estate left among wireless airwaves because it’s able